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The importance of Spanish

Spanish is the third language spoken in the world, after Chinese and English and is the second one in terms of mother tongue.
Spanish is the mother-tongue to about 388 millions people in 21 Countries (Mexico: 102 millions, USA: 45 millions, Spain: 44 millions, Colombia: 44 millions, Argentina: 39 millions, Venezuela: 28 millions, Peru: 28 millions). Their potential buying power is expected to exceed 926 million dollars in 2013.
Spanish is also the second language used in the international communication and is one of the six official languages of the UN and its organizations.

Why learn Spanish?

At present, more and more commercial businesses employ people with a good knowledge of Spanish which is an excellent tool in gaining access to one of the fastest growing market in the world. In speaking Spanish you are able to communicate with more than 500 millions people in the world.
If you wish to go for a trip to Spain or in South America, everything will be much easier if you know some Spanish. ​Spanish passion for life is contagious and once you start learning the Spanish language and culture, you will never want to stop.

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