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Our efforts over the years have remained constant in consolidating the educational offer in the area. The relationship between Dante and South African public schools has also been strengthened, in continuity with the projects developed so far by our society and in line with the technological developments of our time.


This is a project, in cooperation with the MAECI (Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale) that aims to generate development opportunities for all those who will join. A collaboration with schools will be based on the below:

  • Free blended Italian language courses by qualified teachers that will focus on a specific theme chosen with the host school and whose duration will be planned with the host school

  • Cultural e-twinning programs with Italian schools that will connect South African students with Italian ones

  • Supply of educational material for students, technical equipment and tools to those schools that do not have the means to set up a multimedia classroom

  • Scholarships for deserving students of Italian, the number and value of which will be established with the host school


The entire project, which can be renewed from year to year, will be entirely funded by Dante to the host school.

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