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Multilingualism is a key factor in the creation of a world without borders and a much brighter future for our young people

Translation services for websites, documents and business meetings

In-house courses of Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Hindi, Afrikaans, IsiZulu

Dante Alighieri Society has been a leader in professional translation and language technology for over 20 years. By offering a choice of professional translation options and the most advanced technology, we ensure our customers have the content translated with highest standards, economically and quickly. Thousands of companies trust our translation solutions to provide high quality localized content, improve customer experience management and enable global communication across languages.

To help business companies by complying with their exigencies, the courses are held at their premises. The courses can be collective, individual, intensive (the last ones are specially suggested for staff that need to learn the language in a short period of time for professional or personal reasons), with the possibility to plan the lesson schedule and the program according to the requirements of the company.



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