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Discover the wonders of a millennial civilization who created the modern world


Italy is the land of the ancient Romans, who established a great Empire from which heritage all European people still enjoy. For example, they have left their influence on our modern alphabet; they have given the basis of modern law; established many cities & beautiful buildings,  and built roads that were the forerunners of our present highways. Originating in Palestine and using Latin, the concept of Christianity reached Rome, and  over ensuing centuries, diversified throughout Italy and the continent. Until  today we can admire, practice and enjoy every vestige incorporated by this great religion internationally.



Why do we still study Latin today?

Historical/cultural reasons:

a) The Roman Empire and its history have deeply influenced the destiny of Italy and Europe;


b) Monuments and museums keep their meaning and value only if around them there is a community able to explain those values;

c) The influence of classic languages and cultures shaped the European traditions

d) Study of classic cultures gives a wide panorama about the human sciences (anthropology, sociology, psychology, etc,)

e) Knowing  the classic culture through the many texts gives the possibility to discover different worlds, systems and values with which one can compare oneself

f) Studying classics literature allows one to face many social problems still present in the modern world (intellectual/power relationship; intellectual/population relationship; racism problems, etc.)

g) Latin is the international base for scientific language

h) The knowledge of the classic civilization is a great stimuli not to be passive to the present but, on the contrary, to live actively and intensively the present time just thanks to the knowledge of his own past

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