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The importance of Russian

Russia is the world's largest country. Stretching across two continents, it is almost double the size of either the United States or China. Found within that huge land mass is a wide diversity of peoples, religions, climatic and geographic conditions


Russia is a regional power and is returning as a world power


Speak Russian to engage in the Russian economy


Russian is an important language for science and technology


Russian is spoken by hundreds of millions of people


Students of Russian go on to great careers

Why study Russian?



There are millions of inhabitants of Russia, and beyond that, many Russians reside all over the world and continue to speak their native tongue. There are so many reasons to learn Russian and although it sounds like a very random language and culture, Russia is one of the leading world economic powers so whatever your reasons are, it’s time to learn Russian!


There are 410 million speakers of Slavic languages worldwide – 270 million of whom speak Russian. Russia is becoming a key Eurasian power of the 21st century, and Russian is considered a "critical language" by the US Government. The growth of the European Union and NATO are bringing Slavic nations into Western structures. Today, the study of Slavic languages and cultures is more important than ever.



Business in Russia


If you are going on a business trip to Russia, you want to be prepared to communicate with your Russian business partners.


Russian entrepreneurs are well-versed in international economics and willingly establish business relationships with partners from abroad. Russia is adequately represented in the international arena.


Due to the size of the country and its natural resources, the Russian market is of great interest to foreign businessmen. And serious business requires a serious approach - the knowledge of the Russian language is a must for efficient communication with your new business partners.




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