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(Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri)

PLIDA  (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri)

The PLIDA is a certification of a knowledge of Italian as a foreign language.



A) Show in a transparent way the achieved level of your knowledge of  the Italian language in your curriculum vitae;
B) Enroll in an Italian University with no need to write an entry test of Italian (level B2 or C1);
C) Get the long-stay visa.

About the test

The PLIDA tests are divided into six levels which are authorized in the EU Rules in to learning languages spoken in countries forming the European Community  (QCE). Each level includes 4 separate tests, one covering listening; reading; writing & speaking. The duration of the tests depend on their levels.

Elementary Italian      PLIDA  A1 QCE  (first contact level)

                                PLIDA  A2 QCE   (surviving level)



Intermediate Italian    PLIDA  B1 QCE  (threshold level)
                                PLIDA  B2 QCE  (progress level) 

Advanced Italian        PLIDA  C1 QCE (efficiency level)
                                PLIDA  C2 QCE (master level)


Duration times:  Listening  Reading  Speaking  Writing      TOTAL

PLIDA  A1               20’           30’             10’         30’         max 90’

PLIDA  A2               20’           30’             10’         40’         max 100’

PLIDA  B1               20’           30’             10’         40’         max  100’
PLIDA  B2               20’           30’             10’         50’         max  110’
PLIDA  C1               20’           35’             15’         90’         max  160’
PLIDA  C2               30’           45’             15’       135’         max  225’


Marks are out of a total of 30 points for each test. The certificate can be obtained with a minimum score of 18 out of 30 for each of the four abilities. Should the student not write or pass the four abilities, it is possible to retain the credit(s)  for one year and to rewrite the failed test(s)s at the next examinations held in the same year.



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